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Help us create a platform capable of offering a constantly evolving choice of philosophical videos.


Philosophy is increasingly present on the web with videos of different levels and on different topics. However, the search for online videos faces the problem of an incredible overabundance of content that creates disorientation for at least two reasons:

  1. The difficulty in selecting a "good" video among the overwhelming amount present on the web
  2. The disproportionate use of automated algorithms that depersonalize the user experience and create a classification based more on appearance than on substance (like, sponsorships, trends, SEO language)
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To create a platform capable of offering a constantly evolving choice of philosophical videos, selecting and organizing the best of world production in the different fields of philosophy.

Thanks to important partnerships with Universities we have a team of experts who coordinate the work of classifying videos.

The content will be filtered by different types of videos, levels of difficulty, specific topics, speakers, and other categories. The use of the platform will take into account the abilities and skills of the user, from the student with special needs (autism, dyslexia, etc) to the experienced professor.

Whatever your level of preparation, you will have the opportunity to use the portal and to interact with our team of professionals in the sector (researchers, lecturers, PhD students), to find the right pathway in the platform, to discuss relevant problems or to build an ad hoc pathway of study or research. Each video is also connected with Philpapers , so that you may find all you need for an in-depth study of what you have watched in a video.

Philvideos wants to become an easy-to-access multimedia guide with guaranteed data quality together with an intuitive classification of contents and a punctual and tailored organization based on the user's needs. Our reliability is based on competence, creating a progressive and specialized growth for an unprecedented user experience.


PhilVideos is a project born at the University of Genoa at the initial suggestion of Carlo Penco (professor of Philosophy of Language) and developed by Nicolò Metti (philosopher and videomaker) with the YOUniversity non-profit organization. Our platform begins with a database of hundreds of selected videos and grows through ongoing classification.

We aim to have a suitable platform by April 2022, after testing the reliability of the classification work. We also need to enrich our platform with new videos and provide the portal with all the normal features required (discussion space, blog, chat or video chat, intelligent search engine), and extend the classification work. The platform will be free to use for all.
You can help us to complete and develop this unique and exciting project.

If you want to take part in the project you may contact us at “info@philvideos.org” or directly subscribe to the society “Youniversity.info”, which supports the project.


Among our supporters: Emma Borg, Diego Marconi, Teresa Marques, John Perry, Francois Recanati and others.