We are a small group, part of a bigger one, which includes a number of students and teachers at the University of Genoa who collaborate with us. We decided to begin this project of video selection to foster independent and autonomous research skills in students and also to help teachers by providing organized teaching tools. Youtube contains plenty of videos, but sometimes we need guidance, we need a filter.

We would like to offer a very specific filter: the videos, which have been selected out of thousands are classified using categories that enable different research strategies, based on individual preferences and capacities.

Our aim is to cover all areas of study, but we need time. Since a helpful and detailed philosophy database is already available at we decided to focus on philosophy videos. Our basic selection tool is based on the sophisicated set of categories used by Philpapers, to which we link each video.

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Let us explain PHILVIDEOS After the initial selection, each video is initially classified based on two broad criteria: on the one hand, we classify the videos based on cognitive categories (research field, content, author, and so on) and on the other hand, we classify them according to their general properties: clarity, efficacy, difficulty and so on. While you can search by entering any name or topic into the search bar, you can also use our “sharp search” function, which offers more specific ways of selecting what is needed. Subtitles are mostly provided by Youtube automatic translation (often in different languages). Each video is linked to information about published papers or books on the subject taken from PHILPAPERS.ORG. Although there are tons of sources of this kind, philpapers is the richest and more reliable source of information for Philosophy, also linking to other internet resouces (like Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, oo the Internet Encylclopedia of Philosophy). We are just at the beginning of a big enterprise.
For now... Just click, watch and … learn!

Carlo, Giamba, Marco, Nicolò

immagine team